Screenshot9520180201-220036Feeling a need to create, and satisfying that need, evolves through my exploration of mediums and absorption of life circumstances. Availability of space, time and energy guides and dictates production of art, although the passion never subsides.

Born and raised in Maryland, majored in General Sculptural Studies and graduated with a Fine Art degree from The Institute (MICA). To follow was marriage, motherhood and my unique challenges, fueling strength for life and art, intertwined as the same. Along the way, life’s teachers have given me tools and principles to help me convey feeling.

Expressive in light, color, and space, my subject matter borrows from organic shapes in the form of land and waterscapes, interspersed with architectural elements. The focus is then interpreted from an idea that has directly affected me. I seek to capture a familiar surrounding. My work takes form from ongoing observations and dialogue through layers of medium to obtain desired depth and effect.